Healthcare Equipment & Supplies

Caremed Healthcare (Alrick Healthcare) name has been synonymous with the provision of high quality medical or health care equipment to both individuals and institutions in Australia since 1986. Working closely with the Manufacturer of the Caremed range of hospital beds and healthcare equipment has aided us in gaining extensive knowledge in regard to developing designs, in order to maximise quality, safety, convenience and ensure satisfaction on the part of both the patient and the carer. The Development Team at Caremed Healthcare is committed to tirelessly exploring and experimenting new ideas in view of continually producing hospital beds and medical products that lead the market in quality, functionality, mobility, comfort and an attractive appearance. We manufacture custom beds, bed accessories, change tables and examination couches according to our customers’ requests making them suitable for Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Home Healthcare environments. Click here to request a free demo of our products in your facility. Need assistance or help? Contact our Sales Consultants, 1800 282 001 or contact us online.