Obesity is growing at a fast pace in our country, so using the correct bariatric hospital bed can make all the difference. Bariatric beds are specially designed beds for bariatric patients, to provide comfort during recovering from surgery or illness. Bariatric Hospital Beds are for heavy weight patients who have been hospitalized or are receiving home health care. Bariatric Beds are sturdy and reliable beds compared to standard hospital beds. They also provide much larger sleeping surface with increased comfort.


Alrick Healthcare carries a complete range of bariatric care beds, bariatric commode shower chair and bariatric mattresses to increase the quality of life for any patient. No matter the need — from the ICU to post-operative recovery, the Alrick Healthcare’s Bariatric bed offers the perfect solution. Alrick Healthcare’s bariatric hospital bed offers easy to use integrated features to help you deliver better care without compromising your patient’s dignity.


bariatric commode shower chair


EN9000 Endless bed for aged care and bariatric care

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