Multipurpose/Medical Trolleys

Medical Trolley is one of the basic necessities in healthcare industry. Medical Trolleys are designed to allow maximum flexibility for hospital storage. Medical trolleys include trays and baskets which can easily be moved between trolleys, allowing fully adjustable storage.


Alrick Healthcare’s range of medical or hospital trolleys is ideal for all your medical storage needs. Their fully adjustable system will give you maximum flexibility and control throughout the hospital, everywhere from the store room to recovery wards.


Alrick Healthcare offers high quality medical trolleys available in different sizes and shapes. Made from high quality material, the range of medical trolleys is known for its usage, durability and corrosion resistance.

Medical Trolley Range

Complete Medical Range

Instrument Trolley

Stainless Steel Instrument Trolley Range

Dressing Trolleys

Dressing Trolley Range

Medication Trolleys

Medication Trolley Range

Medication Trolley

Medication Trolley / Webster Cart

Multipurpose Trolley Range

Complete Multipurpose Range

Plastic Trolleys

Plastic Trolley Range

Tray Trolleys

Tray Trolley Range

Poly Trolleys

Poly Trolley Range

Storage Tray Trolleys

Storage Tray Trolley Range

Platform Trolleys

Platform Trolley Range

Custom Trolleys

Customise Your Trolley...

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