Mental Health Beds

The Alrick Healthcare range of mental health beds is the leading range of beds in the healthcare industry. We cover all areas of mental health from the very acute patients to the bariatric patients. Alrick Healthcare provides low hospital beds which are ideal in healthcare environments such as Rehabilitation and Mental Healthcare. A low bed height is essential with these patients to facilitate bed mobility and to reduce falls from bed.


Alrick Healthcare’s mental health beds for sale include three models; a fixed model care bed, full electric mental health bed and full electric bariatric bed. They are fitted with anti-tamper fasteners, steel braided anti flex coating on mains cable, controls are located in foot board and control boxes are encased with a metal box. All these features help safety of the patient and provide peace of mind for the carer.

1000MH Mental Health Bed

Fixed Height Mental Health Bed

2300KSMH Bariatric Mental Health Bed

Bariatric Mental Health Bed

7000GW-MH Mental Health Bed

Electric Mental Health Bed

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