Patient Lifting Hoists & Slings

Patient Lifter is an assistive device that allows patients in nursing homes, hospitals and other healthcare units to be transferred. The Patient lift helps reduce the possibility of caregiver back injury and to ensure dignity in patient handling. Lifter is comfortable, reliable and an integral tool for staff and caregivers. It helps reduces staff injuries, saving you money and reinforcing safety as a priority in your healthcare facility. Patient lift sling comes in a wide array of styles to meet a variety of client needs.


Alrick Healthcare provides a range of innovative patient lifting hoists and slings equipment to assist the lifting, transferring, dressing, toileting or rehabilitation for patients, disabled people and those needing support with bathing and mobility, especially bariatric patients. Our lifting hoists, slings and other lifting equipment products are designed to the highest standards and according to your specific needs.

Salsa 200

Patient Lifting Hoists

Kratos 320 Lite

Bariatric Aluminium Lifter

Taurus 200 Lite

Aluminium Stand-up Lifter

Atlas 180 Lite

Aluminium Lifter

Neos 150 Folding Lite

Folding Aluminium Lifter

Sling Range

patient handling slings

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