Seating & Comfort - Chairs for Aged Care

Alrick Healthcare is a leading supplier of aged care chairs for hospitals, nursing homes and aged care homes. We supply a number of health care chairs with adjustable backrest, seat tilt and leg rest. We offer Auto Locking Glider Chair, designed for fall prevention. It begins to glide once the resident sits in the chair, and stops gliding once the resident begin to vacate the chair. Elite models offer even more versatility in positioning. The Elite chairs now offer a choice of either seat or base mounted arms. The Broad Pedal health care chair is ergonomically designed to encourage self-mobility. It’s an excellent option for residents who can self propel within a facility and allows a proper foot on floor position. It is a comfortable, safe, and stable aged care chair. Lastly, we offer the Vanguard Bariatric Tilt Recliner, which offers superior durability and stability up to 272kg.Extensive testing has been performed to ensure the weight capacity, stability, static strength and life cycle durability, to provide optimum safety and function in even the most extreme cases.


power rise & recline chair

2400 Care Chair

Pressure Relief Chair

2900 Care Chair

Deluxe Pressure Relief Chair

Elite Chair

superior repositioning chair

Pedal Rocker Chair

rocking motion chair

Pedal Chair

indoor wheelchair

Midline Full Recliner Chair

Multiple Positioning Chair

Bariatric Tilt Recliner

tilt reclining chair

Daily Comfort Chair

Improved Patient Access

Living/Dining Chair Range

a splendid range of dining furniture, chairs and tables alike

Wheelchair Range

We cater for all stages of care and mobility

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